Last Day of 2022

We went shopping, I, Dad and my brother. And dad broke all the records, not only his records, he broke mom’s too (which is a remarkable feat) He got a ton of clothes, and clothes matching with clothes, and contrasting with those. First time in my life I realized men can adorn more pieces (big... Continue Reading →

Happy New Year My Friends!

You guys make the best part of my life. I cherish each of you, the time you have spent reading my absolutely random rants, everytime you smiled with me and everytime you supported me when i was struggling. Every word of advice, encouragement or opinion you said has helped me understand life, the world, people... Continue Reading →

The Thing with Shamers…

This is an important shower epiphany, so read it slowly: A shamer is an irrelevant sorry excuse of a human being who cannot deal with the fact that you could managed to do incredible things with your life, surviving your struggles and unfortunate events, as they count them as your weaknesses, when in reality all... Continue Reading →

6 Years!

I have been looking at this for a whole day and I couldn’t find the right words to express what I’m feeling. Founds a few tears though… My mind shot in reverse to the time I started this blog and the next moment my mind was clouded with this white fog as if it was... Continue Reading →

Your Success Story

A success story is not only when you are living in huge mansions, driving fancy cars and living a crazy rich life. A success story is overcoming situations you could succumb to. Crossing those broken bridges and getting to the other side, when you were getting a massive heart attack at every step. Fighting and... Continue Reading →

Crazy crazy crazy life!

just when I need to be in my best form, there is this meteor shower of problems hitting me all at once! my sis is visiting from UK after soooooo long and she is here for such a short period that it's like we just picked her from. airport and one week is gone already.... Continue Reading →

Sitting in ER (Again) – Reblog

Can we show some love and support to our friend here :

she hasn’t been feeling well and I know you guys have the special talent of making anyone feel better 🙂.

Please do visit her post

This Girl's Got Curves

I literally couldn’t take it.

I tried to use my skills and I called for mental health coaching and I took pain meds.

I was still absolutely miserable.

I am in so much pain it’s not funny.

I don’t know how to stop it.

So… back to the emergency room I go.

I’m so tired of this place.

I’ll be waiting here for the next three hours easily just to be seen.


Photo by me.

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Hello Hibernation!

Waking people should be a crime. Especially during lectures. Most of us struggle with getting proper sleep, thanks to our lifestyles. Training halls are hands down the most sleep-friendly places ever! with the best sleep hygiene. There’s dim light for projectors. Attendees are quiet, of course, they dosed off 3 minutes into the intro… Trainers... Continue Reading →

After 1 year and 3 months…

Don’t ignore your medium for so long that it stops recognizing you. I did my last charcoal sketch on 25th Aug 2022, while C and I were on one of our never-ending zoom calls. That was the last charcoal sketch I did.  I have been wanting to use charcoals again but something was holding me... Continue Reading →

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