It’s one of those nights
When I feel like a frazzled rag
Spread over my bed

With a mound of random pieces
That form my life
Pastels here
Laptop there
A bag of chocolate chips…

But I feel like that dainty rag again
Defying the vehement pull of the earth
Like any moment
It’s going to take a violent flight

And that feeling again
The feeling of hope
That something
Or somebody
Would put weights on me

A rock on the right palm
And a rock on the left
Feet shackled together
With a heavy rusty chain

Or one day I will just take a flight

So, today I choose poetry
To pin me down

A verse on the right palm
A verse on the left
Feet shackled together
With impassioned stanzas

Rhythm gently muffling
The beat of my crazy heart
And I feel tears trailing down,
Getting lost in my hair
Drowning in the anxiety sweat

I’m exhausted
But I’m breathing
I’m still breathing
I’m saved
Saved from being torn to shreds
Saved from taking a violent flight…

Copyright © 2023 stoneronarollercoaster – All rights reserved

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