Popcorn time!


Some weird shit is going on at work.

So Artist Boss (AB) has gotten comfortable with me, even though he turns all red while talking to me, but I think he turns all red talking to anybody.

On one hand, from top to bottom of the hierarchy everyone is scared of him. He has this unapproachable aura and everyone is super careful around him and he doesn’t talk to everybody.

On the other hand, he constantly pulls my legs. CONSTANTLY! He drags me in all of his jokes. Sometimes casually flirts. Even made fun of my glasses. 

And you know… he is charming and can disarm anybody at the drop of a hat, and he knows it. He knows how to switch it on.

So he does that a lot with me. And ONLY ME!

And everybody notices it.

There are times I just make an excuse and leave the room for like an hour when I sense people are passing glances. I even heard a comment by a jealous colleague, which infuriated me and I showed it so that everybody knows I am not ok with it.

This is not the weirdest part. 

Last weekend I got a call from my regular boss and a new member was introduced to the team. She is an amazing kid I have been trying to get her on board since the beginning of the project. 

Now I and the Artist boss are working on the first phase which is about to finish and there’s phase 2 which is just starting.

My regular boss told me to include her in phase one too, and I told him I have no work for her and his words were “Keep her with you all the time”

Which is a bit weird.

He also said “I don’t know what you are doing because you haven’t kept me in the loop” Dude you have nothing to do with phase one why would I keep you?

Well. So I started adding him in Cc of every email that I was sending to AB.

I also got to know AB tried to tell them to stop me from leaving.

But my regular boss said “Don’t tangle yourself too much in this project, start pulling out of it”

Weird again, I still have 1 month of notice period left and I’m the supervisor of the whole team on this project.


I have this feeling 

  1. They don’t want me and AB to get close and work alone.
  2. They are afraid I may give him some info or he may give me some info.
  3. They are jealous
  4. they are scared of something I don’t know about

Oh they also tried to scare me by telling my closest work friend that “AB finds me offensive and he thinks that I challenge his seniority and he doesn’t like it and he is going to talk to The Partner about this”… um LOL

I’m kinda too witty with him. but I have never been disrespectful or offensive. Everyone knows I’m a little blunt and really straightforward.

AB is not a kid and we are not in school. The kind of person he is, this is wayyyyy below him.

All of this was said to scare me of him so that I also find him unapproachable.

Also, my last working day will be mid-June and I was thinking maybe if the whole team is aligned well I can leave early like the start of June, and my regular boss was so cool about it.

Something is definitely going on.

And my inner crafty little bitch says I should stay with a good supply of popcorns…

This is gonna be fun.

After my outburst, I kinda lost my filters and became a loose cannon zigzagging at work, shooting fireballs.

Now I have to bring back my filters. Turn my silent psychopath side on, and enjoy watching their plans fail with a bag full of popcorns.

Because that’s one thing I just love to watch. 

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5 thoughts on “Popcorn time!

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      1. it’s not that he is inappropriate in any way at all. it’s just that he is a weird guy and people around us were being weirder.
        well. have barely had any interaction with him lately. and it’s my last week here.
        also we did have a whole 1 hour call of confrontations and explanations. i was bbottling up too much and i couldnt take it. i felt better after that.

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