First Conversation- Sort of…

So that meeting happened.

On Wednesday, the whole team had a meeting at the client’s premises.

And as I am the focal person for this project, I was there beforehand taking care of things.

One by one other team members were coming, and this guy came too.

After working together for almost a month virtually, this was the first time we looked each other in the eye and greeted each other.

My boss made me sit next to him. 

All went normal and I realized he was very comfortable with everyone there.

Which brings us to, he left the firm with a bitter taste after serving there for a long long time. For him, coming back wasn’t easy. Maybe that’s why he wasn’t talking to anyone at all at the firm.

We would have said a word or 2 during the meeting to each other. Everything was normal. I was busy with my setup, taking notes in my laptop, scribbling in my notebook, recording on, then I was pulling out reference files that I had already read too.

He was peeking into my laptop every now and then which is understandable because I was the only person on the team WHO CAME PREPARED!!! Yes I’m screaming.

Everyone was so careless I hate it.

Well. And he was scribbling something… something like dotted lines. Ant trails. I need to show this to Dad because he thinks I have the worst handwriting.

The meeting ended. I was quietly wrapping up when he turned to me and started talking.

Now this is where things got uncomfortable.

We were 4 people in the room and he was turned to me, staring me dead in the eye and was talking about what do we have to do next. He had this shy uneasy smile that suddenly made me shy and uneasy…

I’m sure my face was all red, I could feel my cheeks burn. Then his face was a little red…

Then I turned to the rest of the team to sort of include them and they were looking at us all confused and pale.

It was so weird.

And embarrassing.

I don’t know where is this going. Don’t even know if there’s anything at all.

But Sagde was right. I think his artist talks to my artist.

I have worked with most people in this department, so many clients, then too many people from other departments. I never felt anything like this before.

There’s a strange frequency between us. Doesn’t have to be something romantic. 

Whenever he is talking to me he stops for a moment before saying the next thing and in this brief silence he just stares. And that makes me a bit wobbly inside. like… shit man.

I took pictures of his works hanging in the office and realized all of it is his safe art. (we will talk about safe art in the next post)

I still don’t think much of his art, but I do commend his bravery. It’s not easy to reveal your art in the corporate world. You are not expected to be a vulnerable human being and that’s what artists are when they are creating something.


That’s how our first in-person encounter went.

Let’s see where this whole thing goes…

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      1. I stayed strictly professional, as i would with anybody new. It was the end that got weird.
        Well. Not a disaster still.
        And OMG the red flags! That “all religeous and righteous” vibe is so strongs, the red flags literally light up!

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