Inspiration gone wrong

Remember what we talked about in my last post?

This new guy and his energy and all… read that post if you can’t remember.

So I was feeling a bit too inspired by his energy and felt like making some art.

Watched a Zin Lim tutorial on youtube, but didn’t really follow it, as always.

Now this is what happened…

I started with our basic mark-making.

Then, little bit working to give it a face

Then a bit more…

Then highlights. This is where I thought we are good. I should stop.

But then some invisible voice told me “Don’t you think highlights are too sharp?”

So I went on to smear sepia all over her face and blend it. The result reminded me of my school days. Add a bit more purple and this is what I looked like in school.


It was odd

Then my eyes just randomly spotted ochre. OCHRE was the colour I was meant to use! Ochre blends skin tones! I hate myself

So I went in with ochre colouring whole face with it.


I didn’t like what I was looking at. So I added highlights again.


Then I thought maybe if I add a bright colour somewhere it will distract from the flaws.

So I did this…

All of this took place last night. 

I woke up today and realized something is majorly wrong here. The PROFILE!!!. 

I opened the reference image and it hit me like a pebble on the head… if I looked at the reference picture before none of this would have happened.

I did a little bit of damage control and this is where we will stop.


An expressionist portrait that ended up being almost a comic book portrait and almost a charcoal expressionism portrait.

so… this is what the strong vibe of that guy did…

Honestly, I don’t even feel it this strongly now. this was a disaster.

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10 thoughts on “Inspiration gone wrong

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  1. Not a disaster! Part of being an artist is the self criticism. We need it so we can try harder each time to make what we want. But you and I forget art is as they say in the eye of the beholder. They can never know your intentions, only what touches their hearts xxx


    1. honestly after reading your comment now when i look at it, it’s like i’m looking at multiple versions and actually starting to like few of these. Thanks for making me realize that, there’s beauty of process here.
      and thanks for appriciation and support. You guys have played a huge role in whatever i can create now. it’s all about the right support.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. OMG i’m obbsessed with watercolour art, just looking at the process because i don’t think i cant work with fluids. the process of watercolour painting is so beautiful you can watch it for hours.
        And i really appriciate your presence here. you guys mean the world to me 😊

        Liked by 1 person

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