Umm idk how to explain this.

So our firm had an ex-employee who I never met.

He was holding a very senior position and left way before I joined.

How do I know about him?

He is the only ex-employee who has his paintings in our office.

It’s not the best work that I have seen, and I always used to look for a deeper meaning or technique or something but in vain.


He is back.

Our firm brought him as a lead and subject matter expert for this mega project I’m working on,

And it’s just me and him working on a phase right now.

Meetings are virtual so we haven’t talked in person even once and when he comes over it’s always a meeting of 20 people and again we haven’t interacted directly.


I don’t know what it is.

Maybe just that I’m really intrigued and actually attracted to creative people.

But he has this energy that I can’t give a name to.


A- He has an amazing personality, very graceful. 

B, Even though he is really successful, he is really humble. We both are working as equals.

C, He is an artist in the corporate world, which is extremely rare. Especially firms like ours.

Gosh, I don’t even know what I wanted to say here.

But this is the first time I’m feeling inspired by somebody at work, even though I’m not super attracted to his art, we haven’t said one word to each other yet. Not like we are bonding or something. 

But somehow his energy is traveling to me. 

I feel like creating something.

All of this is so strange.

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20 thoughts on “Strange 

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      1. lol. i got that. well the guy never came, so another online meeting.
        but i’m not feeling those vibes too strongly anymore due to few things i saw and felt like no no no no

        idk how to explain it a sketchy vibe cancelled out the previous one.

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      2. Idk. Not that he did something horrible but some of his actions looked fake. Too good to be true like he was trying to be wayyyy toooo perfect. Well.
        I just dont like the guy that much anymore. That sounds like fastest fizzling-out of a crush lol.

        Liked by 1 person

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