Life’s Amazing 😊

First of all, Happy Ramadan.

It’s an important month for us Muslims, the month of fasting and countless blessings and all. And I already feel a tad better.

Also because I have somehow handled the reigns of my work.

Just one more week to go before the audit period ends. Maybe 2. Then I can breathe. Meanwhile, I’m already working on this new amazing assignment where I have to sort of work on the base structure so that the rest of the team can continue when I’m gone.

It’s great when you are a key resource for the company, can be daunted too but still…


Umm idk how much I have shared about this. But something happened lately. My ex (with who I was in a legal relationship, for almost a decade, idk what else to call a non-existing marriage) got married to someone. Remember I was having second-hand trauma for this girl who I know nothing about? Because I knew what she could be going through.

Well. The girl left in 2 weeks after threatening to file a fraud case against my ex! Smart move. I’m proud of her.

therefore, all his lies are down the drain.

Recently an uncle of mine said “if you are right, things will get sorted for you eventually”

And I think that’s what happened. Not only things got sorted for me (even when it seemed impossible), the truth revealed itself in front of everyone. 

I was emotional, my whole family was emotional, my friends were emotional.

My dad prayed to God after such a long time I couldn’t believe it lol.

My ex mentally and emotionally abused me and my whole family for so long, and we just silently and gracefully quit. We did give our reasons in writing while filing the case, it was a 2.5-page plaint, to warn any future victim. Still idk how someone fell prey.

Karma… karma is always waiting for the right moment to strike. 

I do feel bad for the girl still, but I’m also grateful that she could get out sooner.

There’s so much to life, to explore, enjoy, learn and cherish.

Why waste our energies in ruining others’ lives?

I don’t feel like the same person because I’m not. I’m not the same terrified person who was constantly afraid of anything that could go wrong.

I’m on my way to financial independence.

I feel safe.

I have people who love me and genuinely care about me.

I have my own life back and that’s everything.

My life hasn’t been “normal”.

But it has certainly been amazing in too many ways.

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