So. it’s sorted.

I accepted the offer from this new place and resigned from my existing one. Can’t get into details right now because I have to go back to work.

but… it’s not been easy. the whole thing has taken a toll on my mental health because every time somebody gives a notice period, firm turns into the most terrifying hell hole.

I wasn’t able to get up. I couldn’t eat.

I was scared.

I feel better now. had to treat my friends.

looking forward to this new thing.

I actually cried in prayer today, tears of gratitude and joy.

and I felt so much lighter after that. I could work again.

guys. pray for me. this whole thing is not gonna be easy.

And thanks for standing by me always.

I genuinely don’t know what I would do if I didn’t have this support system.

oh, things got sorted b/w me and dad.

I showed him the offer letter to check for any clause etc. He is a legal consultant, the person for it.

Then we started talking again.

I’m glad it happened because I need him.


take care guys.

off to work.


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