The Sky Up in Flames

Yesterday I was on my way home in my van, watching a movie on my phone.

Lost in my own private oblivion.

In the middle somewhere I lifted my head and I was awestruck but what I saw



I tried to capture a few pictures but I couldn’t take a single one that would justify the view, because;

a) there were 4 more girls with me in the van and didn’t want to make them uncomfortable. (apparently, you stopping to capture anything in nature earns you some odd, judgy and confused looks)

b) I didn’t want to stick my hand out to take pictures and endanger lives (which people can casually do here)

It looked like somebody delicately pulled cotton wool to feathered out webs and then the sun glowed golden on it, against the blue sky, in monetish way.

And then as the sun kept sinking on the horizon, the gold turned to orange blended with salmon, then amber joined the mix until it kept transitioning to coral and bright red. Above it, the sky kept getting deeper tones of violet-blue.

When the sun was nearly drowned, the sky was up in flames!

I find myself often getting lost, gazing at the sky and clouds.

It’s not new.

But I saw the sky this pretty after a very long time.

P.s. I slightly enhanced the images and it’s still not as pretty as it was in real.

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29 thoughts on “The Sky Up in Flames

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    1. i wish i could explain sunsets. it’s like within half an hour the whole sky is painted in gradient. firsgt in yellow and corals, then blue’s start adding in the mix and then then yellows and reds keep fading untill whole sky is blue.

      *hugs* xx


  1. I believe one should never try to be too much of a perfectionist where it’s photography, art, or sitting for job interviews. That’s too much yang and not enough yin.


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