Unparalleled Queen of Disasters, Or Just Another Day…


It’s official

I’m the ultimate queen of disasters.

The force to reckon with when it comes to making mistakes, one after another, and then another. 

The never-ending domino effect of blunders.

Did I tell you about a hiring process that I’m going through involving 4 countries so far?

Wait for it if I haven’t, that will come later because we have to talk about what happened today.

I finally could talk on the call and schedule a technical interview today. And the HR guy (in New Jersey) told me it will be done by Senior Manager from Saudi Arab.


Now I don’t have a separate place to sit at this client, I’m sitting in a room literally stuffed with auditors and I don’t even know the whole map of the premises so I took a day off, for this interview.

It was supposed to be at 1 pm.

I woke up at 8. Gave me 5 hours; 1 to thaw and have breakfast, 3 to study, 1 to set up the whole interview including getting ready.

I took more than expected to thaw. Winters need to go. I can deal with this …

Then I panicked for maybe an hour or so and called my work friends asking about the “technical” part of the interview, and ended up panicking more. But I made notes with my panicky hands.

Then my whole confidence (which could already fit into those tiny bags) come crashing down.


I was supposed to sit for the interview in the only spot with the right light, un-distracting background, chairs that would give my old back the right support, and the table of right height. My dining area. 

And I don’t know what calamity took away the “right light” part. Some bulbs were missing from the overhead light and some wouldn’t just light up…

It took 2 hours of running around with all the lamps and bulbs and extensions and everything to figure out a setup with the light that pierced my eyes but still worked. 

Finally, at around 12:15 I sat at the spot with my notes and laptop and tested mic and camera, and everything on the provided link. And waited.

At 12:40 I saw I had forgotten to accept the interview invite… 

Can you believe that? I couldn’t either.

So I did that at 12:40.


As expected. 

I was the only one in the interview session from 1 to 1:30.

From the list of attendees, I saw the person from Saudi Arab was the Head of the Department and the other one was joining from Dubai, UAE.


This happened.

After taking a day off and driving myself crazy for 5 hours and whatnot…

The interview of the year never happened.

At this point, I don’t even expect them to call back, and honestly, I’m partially done with them. This whole process is just too much. If they are hiring from the same city I’m already living in, and they do have an office there, they don’t need to try and align things between 4 countries.

I don’t even have the energy to explain the whole thing. 

But I will still give a little background…

Another firm’s Global talent hunter contacted me through LinkedIn and I went ahead with the process just to see how it goes and also just to practice for an even better opportunity. This firm is below my existing employer but my current office get just too toxic to deal with at times.

And every step of the hiring process takes at least 3 weeks (I’m ok with that) but they contact you from a different country. So far departments from 3 countries have contacted and I’m in the 4th one.

And this interview, which is the 4th step of the process so far, has been such a pain because the last time they called, I was on the way home and couldn’t hear anything, not even their name. It took another 3 weeks for this call to somehow find me again. those 3 weeks I kept wondering what was this call even.

It’s just insane and I’m done. Can’t believe I took a day off for this shit.

Rant over!

P.s. I did the sanest thing after that, ordered a cake I have been craving so bad.


And when I went dismantling the “setup” I burst out laughing so hard. You have to see it to believe it…


My dad even put a glass of water and a tissue box for me there lol.

Have a good day, guys… because mine is fucked (kinda)

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16 thoughts on “Unparalleled Queen of Disasters, Or Just Another Day…

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  1. Oh man, I’m sorry this happened and you went crazy getting ready for it. But you know….stuff like this happens. Our minds get confused. I empathize because it’s something I could’ve done. Hope that cake was delicious and big hugs to you!!


    1. The cake was therapy! We love that one, molten lava. So i ordered it to sort of neutralize the situation.
      I did feel my day got wasted but then i wasnt dying for that job and i learned how to prepare for an interview like this the next time.
      Thanks for hugs 🤗

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Not the way you expected the day to go…man, what a lesson for next time and to practice giving yourself compassion. Everyone makes mistakes!! And yes, cakes are tasty and wonderful. Molten lava sounds delicious and decadent. Love it.


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