Middle of Nothingness

One of those vacuous days
When your mind comes to a sharp halt
There’s no left or right
You are existing in the middle of everything
Or middle of nothingness
And it’s not the eye of the storm
When all the elements and emotions
Are flying frantically around you
It’s like
Being suspended in a colorless hollow
A mucky abys
Even the black abyss holds something
Beautifully enigmatic
This one
Is a frightening vacuum
Sometimes I close my eyes
And try to find something
Some loose end of a string
An edge of a rock
A little speck of color
That I could encase in my hands
A voice
Any voice
But the eyes in my mind are stretching wide
My arms are flying in bewilderment reeking of anguish
My throat is bleeding from a million silent screams
This middle of nothingness
Is killing me slowly…

Copyright © 2023 stoneronarollercoaster – All rights reserved

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