Work Ramble

Is this the light after the darkest hour moment?

This is the time of year-end audit and mostly covers financial institutions. Big complex clients. Banks, insurance companies etc.

First I was on the cockroach manager’s team because he has plans for me (torturous ones). But then I was moved to a good manager’s team (because Senior managers thought I might get tired of this BS and quit), only problem, this guy have no clue about IT Audit. So I will be on my own (as usual) along with a brand new junior to train (again, as usual)

But at least this manager is not a cockroach… he is a cute kinda mouse. Literally too shy, everytime I go to talk to him he starts to stare nervously at his screen like this…

close up of mouse
Photo by Denitsa Kireva on

Like he is scared of me, or too shy, or idk

The client I was supposed to get, got delayed to the point I was the only experienced resource at the firm who didn’t have an assignment. It was starting to look bad since my name has already been recommended for promotion.

The crazy part is, one girl complained to the high-ups that the cockroach manager is not giving her work so that she can’t learn.

And our senior manager mentioned me “See, Mirza has had no assignment for so long, but she is not complaining”


Idk what to feel. Is he praising my patience or enunciating how useless I am…

For my mental health, I will go with the praise option.

This happened yesterday. And I was obviously afraid that upper management knows and mentions that I don’t have work.

But today I am assigned a client!!!!

And it’s a big client and a good one, and we have already been auditing them so I will have access to old files which helps a lot, also the guy who did it last time is a friend so I called him and said “if I call you crying, do pick my call”

I said the same to a teammate who is leaving.

So many good people are leaving its sad.

So, new Clint from tomorrow. And the best thing? My van service operates there too so I might end up saving a few bucks otherwise my whole salary would go to cabs.

New client. Conveyance sorted. And deadlines are not crazy. I will have time to understand the processes. 

I have a feeling it’s going to be a good experience.

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