The strong one

What is one “good” thing people say about you, when it always always ALWAYS ends up hurting you?

For me it is

“She is strong

She can deal with it

She wouldn’t need it (it could be any kind of support)”

And every time you even dare to get vulnerable

“you are overthinking,

You are being sensitive”

This is one of the best ways to damage somebody emotionally and shut them up.

One of a kind of gaslighting

Some days you want one fucking human to talk to. 

Just one human who will treat you like a human. 

Because 20 robots you are sitting between, just assume you are a rock with no feelings and no emotional needs.

“you are tired, watch a series, sleep, take your vitamins, go to a therapist” are their solutions, when you want them to listen to you for more than 2 minutes. And actually understand you.

These people forget what you have been doing for them simply because they never acknowledged it.

But they want you to be there for them 100% at all times, and if you don’t, they can casually say “you have never done anything for us”

I’m so sick of extending emotional/mental/moral support to people and get shit in return.

Yes. I know I shouldn’t be expecting.

I know that’s how the world is.

I know you shouldn’t expect a lion to not eat you because you are a vegetarian.

But those look good only written in the funky font on wall art.

Welcome to real life. I am a human and I feel bad when whatever I do for people is not acknowledged when my efforts are casually trashed.

I know nobody will ever change.

But it’s extremely hard to not feel bad and get hurt.

Sometimes you just want somebody to listen and understand you.

And it’s in the moments like these that you get brutally hit by how lonely you are…

11 thoughts on “The strong one

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    1. It’s breaking when you keep on giving and in return, there’s nothing you are getting. and when you even ask for a speck of acknowledgment you are called “selfish” or “you are doing it for credit” it’s just shitty.

      thanks for always lending a hand to hold and a shoulder to cry ❤️

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  1. I say these insensitivities are occurring more because of the times we are living in. Each negativity should be treated as if it were a virus: shed it and let it pass and also we must stay out of harm’s way.


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