Sleepless Night

Haven’t slept all night because I was just so overwhelmed and anxious

Should have taken melatonin at 12:30, when I had a feeling that’s exactly the kind of night it’s gonna be.

And I ran out of coffee… days or maybe weeks back. I’m already a half-eaten zombie already.

Wish someone was eating my fat, not my brain. Zombiism is no help where it could be.


Getting ready for work. 

Thinking…. should I be taking a nap on my desk or prayer area.

I have gone to the prayer area far more to sleep than to pray. 

That alone makes me feel like a not-so-good person.

But the sleepless night is leading me somewhere. 

I will just get validation from my best friends and then we are good!

Now I will start refraining from going extra mile for people who won’t even take a few steps for me.

I have to stop going crazy for people who aren’t going crazy for me. Not even 1%.

This is where I need to put a full stop and stop feeling guilty about it.

Because I clearly am not one of those people who forget what they did for others.

It hurts me when my efforts are not acknowledged or reciprocated.

I’m not that selfless and I should start facing that fact and stop hurting myself.


12 thoughts on “Sleepless Night

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    1. You mentioned this before too. I will try it tonight.
      I did get some sleep today. But it needs to be improved. Will time myself better now. Coz I’m sleeping at really off timings.
      Will try the technique you mentioned tonight. Hope it works.


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