Resolutions: 1 week into 2023

First of all sorry for the non-linear style of this post is confusing, but it’s 2023 and confusing is new normal so let’s dive into 2023 so far.

First working day after new years, lunch area, office.

Manager: How did new years go?

Me: I heard some fireworks.. so I know something like that happened, didn’t go out so…

Manager: Any plans of making any changes?

Took me a moment to understand she was talking about resolutions.

Me: resolutions? I actually did make a list, but most of it is just carried forward from last year.

Manager # 2 who never speaks, and maybe thought this was the right time: Actually we should analyze ourselves at every month’s end and make changes. Like what we need to improve…

And he kept talking.

This is where my mind just got up and started walking away far into the haze.


It would be like I’m constantly analyzing myself lol, will have to quit job for this important analysis.

Dude, you were better when you were not speaking.

I did enjoy the look on Manager # 1’s face, though

29th Dec 2022: New Year Resolutions

Write more and write fearlessly

Lately, I had been holding myself back when I was writing here. I don’t know how and why this happened. I was missing that raw element and secretly developing slight fear of judgment.

So this year I will try to break those thin walls that started cocooning me.


This is a bit complicated. And I feel guilty saying this. I used to pray and then I saw religious people, who used to pray far more regularly than me, just lying, doing horrible things, and ruining lives. It shook me so deeply. I just gave up…

How can they do it? Why doesn’t their being religious make them a better person? 

More importantly, I used to think, why God did this to me? After all those prayers, this is not what I deserve. 

Last year, God blessed me with a lot more than my expectations, my life got back on track and I got closure and clarity. Now I feel there’s nothing to complain about.

Next Move

Last year was going in neutral gear and calibrating myself and my life so that I can prepare myself for the next big move. This year I have to work hard to make that happen.

Boundaries boundaries boundaries!

I need to draw boundaries where they don’t exist and keep drawing more where they already are. I feel like I suddenly let my guard down sometimes.

Get organized on daily basis

This is the most urgent one. I look like I live in a dumpster. My dad calls my room “graveyard of clothes”. There’s everything everywhere! And my whole life is just spinning in a washer. I can’t find anything when I need it.

Get healthier!

Cmonnn. It’s been carried forward since eternity. 2022, I have been a combination of sloths+bears+walruses+raccoons. I need to resume workout and eat healthy. I gained 5 kgs in 2022!

(writing this with a big bag of chips next to me and a lollypop in my mouth).i’m hopeless

Talk less do more. NO OVERSHARING

Gosh, I need to shut up! I just need to. 

2023 Update so far.

Write whatever freely

Here I am, making progress. Written a few more drafts already.


Haven’t majorly improved, but trying.

Next Move

Right now just making a list of suggestions (everyone has at least a few to give) will start working after Feb (that’s when another sis of mine is moving to another country so hope will be chaos till then, we are crazy nomadic people)

Boundaries boundaries boundaries!

Almost forgot this ZERO progress there.

Get organized on a daily basis

Closed all of my opened tabs on my phone, there must be hundreds. Sorted my closet a little. Going back to making lists.

Talk less do more. NO OVERSHARING!

Kept talking and oversharing

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