Last Day of 2022

We went shopping, I, Dad and my brother.

And dad broke all the records, not only his records, he broke mom’s too (which is a remarkable feat)

He got a ton of clothes, and clothes matching with clothes, and contrasting with those. First time in my life I realized men can adorn more pieces (big and small) of garments (stitched, unstitched, woven etc etc) at one time, than women.

And he isn’t even going to the north pole or something. It’s just… normal weather clothes.

He was splurging hard at one point my brother told me to step back. And we would look at each other like “is it alarming yet???”

It went too far when he got a massage chair+recliner.

Bro and I were discussing a business idea of building a Zen zone in our basement with a massage chair and oils and candles & crystals, when he was settling into one chair after another testing the best one for himself.

Even though I can write it on stamp paper, I will be the most loyal lazyass user of that chair. The bear is in dire need of opening those knots.

And omg!

When he was in one of those demo chairs, I went to a store to look for a nice pair of jeans, and guess what?? I found the perfect pair!!!

Literally after living a whole jeans-less year. Can you believe it?

I left mine in Dubai when I was moving back.

So. It’s a new years gift, from me to me!

The last day of 2023 went great. We all went to bed exhausted and smiling.

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