The Thing with Shamers…

This is an important shower epiphany, so read it slowly:

A shamer is an irrelevant sorry excuse of a human being who cannot deal with the fact that you could managed to do incredible things with your life, surviving your struggles and unfortunate events, as they count them as your weaknesses, when in reality all of that just made your stronger and a better person.

They have this biting insecurity that they aren’t half as good as you even without those “weaknesses”.

Your success, peace and joy is incomprehensible for there tiny minds.

Thank you!

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8 thoughts on “The Thing with Shamers…

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    1. this is what happens when i try to say something deep… it goes so deep nobody gets it.

      let me try.

      People have general criteria/standards/benchmarks to determine where somebody should stand in life. in their minds if we don’t tick the whole checklist, we can’t achieve whatever their idea of success is.

      some goes if something happens to somebody, and they survive it.

      now shamers, people who shame others on their weaknesses (According to them only) get jealous of survivors or people who defy the checklist but still ended up being successful.

      they can’t accept and appreciate the fact that somebody fought hard to overcome their own weakness and got into race with everybody else and won, so they end up shaming/bullying them.

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