Your Success Story

A success story is not only when you are living in huge mansions, driving fancy cars and living a crazy rich life.

A success story is overcoming situations you could succumb to.

Crossing those broken bridges and getting to the other side, when you were getting a massive heart attack at every step.

Fighting and surviving mental, physical, and emotional trauma, even if you haven’t 100% healed and you are still adorning those beautiful scars, those little trophies of your bravery. 

Surviving ailments.

Broken homes, relationships, heart and soul. 

Broken trust!

Your success story is not your bank balance.

It’s your resilience when you didn’t stop, didn’t lose hope and kept moving forward.

One trembling step at a time. 

You weren’t always running. You weren’t running every day! Some days you were barely moving but the next morning you opened your eyes and try to take a deeper breath. You tried to get out of bed by when your body felt half frozen.

You stood up!

You found hope and you kept moving forward.

That! Is your success story.

Never downplay your little effort to have a better life and be a better version of yourself.

That was tedtalk of the day. Thanks for listening 🙂

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