Hello Hibernation!

Waking people should be a crime.

Especially during lectures.

Most of us struggle with getting proper sleep, thanks to our lifestyles.

Training halls are hands down the most sleep-friendly places ever! with the best sleep hygiene.

There’s dim light for projectors.

Attendees are quiet, of course, they dosed off 3 minutes into the intro…

Trainers are pushing through each word, clutching to every single drop of caffeine and they are never loud enough anyways, even with a mic. 

Phones are flipped and on silent mode. So no Netflix or social media.

You can’t be munching. Maybe a gum but when has that prevented us from sleeping?

I have literally spat out disintegrated gums the next morning of the nights I was supposed to pull an all-nighter. The only thing I did all night was stage-4 sleeping.

Some of us are there for snacks. A penny saved is a penny earned so if there’s free food, you will find me in the front row. 

I don’t end up saving any penny since I still get more food with my own money. So basically it’s free over-over-eating.

The whole of November can be marked as The Learning Month since I was in a training or lecture the whole month, I haven’t slept this well in ages I swear.

They had to prepare us for the year-end audit battleground which is a brutal blood bath, to say the least. I was taking all of them because you usually aren’t taught like that. Mostly you are just thrown into the ocean and expected to fly.

To top it all I enrolled in another free course related to my field. Now half of the department is doing it… I’m contagious like that ha.

Still waiting for a response to my financial aid request for that mental health course and planning to take a charcoal art one too.

Plus weather changed. This is that time of the year when I should have gone into hibernation, the only thing stopping me is the absence of a free cave, and the presence of a protective father. If I go missing for 5 minutes… you guys have no idea!

… so nobody plan on kidnapping me, please.

As I don’t own a cave, I have to hibernate with eyes open and pretend to do basic chores like walking, talking and eating. In-between I get to close my eyes with the rest of the world. 

The world is my Zombieland!

..or I am a Zombie to the world?

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