Taking My MHA Efforts Up a Notch

Guys! We have accidentally and astonishingly ended up in a place we never imagined we would be.

I don’t know how and why I am becoming a go-to person for too many people in my office. 

Every now and then somebody would just appear with something they want to vent out. A girl came to me a few weeks back and she just kept crying and she said please pray for me. In the end, she said I just wanted to talk to a friend.

Then one day I saw a girl visibly sick in the restroom, she was pale and looked dizzy. I started talking, and now she just comes over to my desk whenever she’s not feeling ok. She literally says she needs to talk to someone.

I colleague of mine who worked on a project with me confides in me when he is struggling.

And then another one is trying to say something for the past few days, he is trying, I think he will get there eventually. I’m not pushing.

In between these 4 people, I don’t even remember how many times this has happened. All of them are wayyyy senior to me. Even a manager comes to me sometimes.

I don’t know how this happened I never made any special effort. I was just doing my work.

This has happened in Dubai too. A colleague literally come to my home and said “I’m going to do this thing, I needed some positive energy”.

Now picture me. The crying, venting whining me. 

People are coming to ME for POSITIVE ENERGY.

This is confusing.

But this reminded me of the purpose of my life.

I have had a hard life (mentally and emotionally) people and circumstances messed up my mind. Then I was saved by an incredibly strong support system (including you all). Now, all I want is to try not to let the same happen to anybody else.

So, I’m taking things up a notch.

I am starting this online course on Psychological First Aid by Johns Hopkins. This aligns with what I need right now to be a better listener.

This won’t make me a professional, I’m not even going for that. But when all these people leave, I question myself “did I deal with this situation right? Hope I didn’t say something wrong.”

I have been taking little steps to raise mental health awareness and try to help anyone reaching out to me, since 2018. And honestly, there’s nothing more satisfying than being a source of comfort to someone, like you all have been to me.

So this is one more little step.

I truly believe everyone deserves to be heard with compassion and empathy, things fester when they are kept inside. 

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Kindly visit my post Warriors Invited To Raise Mental Health Awareness where I invite Mental Health Warriors to submit their blog’s address so that we can join hands to control this wildfire.

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