Fight Club- The Book


I just fell in love with this movie, partially because when I watched it, I was mad at societal norms (I still sort of am) and partially because I was an insomniac at that time (which I am not anymore).

You can read the movie review here if you want. =>

Since I watched the movie first the story was already playing in my mind, as I read the book.

Fight Club is a novel written by Chuck Palahniuk in 1996, narrated by an unnamed somebody struggling with insomnia. If you have been even close to sleeplessness, you won’t find a better description of what it does to you.

His awake and asleep (sort of) mental state creates a dangerous fusion of reality and delusions.

His conscious state has always been blindly following the norms when his subconscious state is out to rebel, hence giving birth to the character Tyler Duden and the Fight Club.

There are support groups, love the psychology/concept he had behind joining the groups.

And then there is Marla. You cannot forget Marla. She is the seasoning of the story.

By the time narrator realizes the hot mess his life has become, things have already gotten out of hands. 

So now he has this unfathomable task to save God knows how many lives from whatever he unconsciously ended up creating.

I know a few people who don’t like the story, so I can’t be sure if you will too.

It’s not only about fights and insomnia and mental health struggles, the deeper layers of the story show when our traumas, especially childhood ones are ignored, they fester and turn into this scary mess of anguish and hatred that we have to hide behind the mask of an average Joe in order to survive in this robotic society.

The angst keeps boiling and bubbling under a fragile surface. A thin scratch, a little trigger can cause an irruption nobody can deal with. 

Besides the story, the blunt writing style is what gives you the real kick! That’s something you will definitely enjoy. 

And characters… you know there are people around you, now picture them torn open. With their hearts, minds and intentions plastered all over them. Chuck Palahniuk literally strips every character naked without using a million words. That’s so powerful if you think about it.

Would I recommend the book… ummm not more than the movie.

If you enjoy reading more than movies, then maybe pick the book. 

The endings are different but don’t impact the essence of the story.

Overall I enjoyed going back to this story.

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  1. You make an excellent point: The knack for writing powerfully in few words is golden. I’m not familiar with the book/movie, but I enjoyed your discussion. You’ve made me want to see or read it.

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