Upset. Very upset! 😞

3 days… 4 yellow butterflies!!

I’m I hallucinating?


I wouldn’t be surprised.

Maybe God just wants to bring a smile to my face… like a mini-break or something.

This asshole manager has been talking shit about me behind my back and it has started impacting my senior manager’s judgment of me.

I was thinking I’m not going to talk about this but I have been really upset for the past few days and idk what to do.

Everyone was happy with my work and they were appreciating it.

Then one day my senior manager was reviewing my work and he looked way too disappointed, with an assignment nobody could even dare execute because the client wouldn’t even let them land a foot on the premises.

Then my friend told me this asshole manager has been telling people again and again that “she has issues in her personal life, that’s why she is nervous all the time and her work isn’t that good”

Exact these words!!!

This moron!!!!

I literally lost it when I heard it.

He has no idea about my personal life, or my life in general.

He does not know me!

He tried to do so many things to get my reaction and I wasn’t giving him this satisfaction but this time… I think I’m losing.

I have the maximum support from family and friends and everyone and at this point in life, I don’t have a single personal problem!

How can he even say anything like that and how did my SM not shut him up!

The girl who told me is ready to be the witness if I want to complain, but now I’m confused idk what to do.

I want to gain experience here, I’m getting good assignments and before he came into the picture everyone was happy with me. Now, idk what to do.

He didn’t say that in front of me.

I thought since people know what an asshole he is, they won’t believe him, but I am seeing people change and it’s so demoralizing.

I don’t know how to deal with somebody who is making you look bad all the time behind your back, and it’s affecting management’s opinions about you.


21 thoughts on “Upset. Very upset! 😞

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    1. tht’s what i used to think but this guy is going to hinder my work from every end. he has literally stopped my team-mates from attending meeting with me to delay my work. but there isnt much i can do i guess. i will start working on my other options and ultimate goal

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  1. Confront it directly. Guys like this depend on people not confronting them directly and not calling them out. File a formal complaint with whatever HR-type person is appropriate. This is NOT complaining. This is standing up for yourself and your right to not be harassed. Sending you fierce vibes 💖

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    1. thanks a lot for sending positive and strong vibe. the problem here is that people have reported him multiple times and in the end they are the ones who have to quit because this cockroach is not even bothered by the fact that everybody hates him and nobody respects him.

      well. i do have plans in place plus a job offer (not something i would jump to) but it’s always comforting to know your options.

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  2. There is only one thing to do, go right to the top and confront the issue! Are they satisfied with your work? Do they think you have a mental problem? Do they think you are incompetent? Because if you let it simmer, it will affect your mental status and in the long run you will be typecast as a scapegoat for everyone who needs to offload his or her shit. If they do not respect you, you must quit!

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    1. A lot of people have gone to the top and confronted them with way worse problems from this guy, but they do nothing. Instead things get worse for the person.

      But given if a workplace doesn’t intensionally stop a bully, they are encouraging him. So exit is deifinitely on the cards, but on my own pace. Trying not to ruin my resumé becuase of him.

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