Any suggestions?

Hey guys

I had to ask about something.

This new guy joined our team. Actually, my whole team is minus 3 people and plus this 1 guy and our manager. This one is a good manager.

So this guy mentioned his mom suffers from dementia and her struggles…

We talked about my dad a little too. I reserved the complete info since he is my colleague but i did tell him my dad’s mental health was seriously affected after we lost our mom.

His mom’s health also deteriorated after his father’s demise.

So far, it seems they haven’t gotten the right help yet. They are often confused. And honestly doesn’t sound like they got a doctor that could actually help her, nor any form of counseling for how they should be dealing with this whole situation. 

So I came here to ask if you guys have any suggestions.

His mom keeps asking about her mother and husband, both have passed away long ago.

Every day this guy takes her on a long drive and when they are on the way back he tells her she has already met her mom and they are coming back now. Somebody in the family once answered her “your mom is alive and fine because she was asking about her a lot” so now that’s how they maintain it.

Idk how i contained myself hearing all of this, it’s heartbreaking.

One good thing. This guy and his brothers live with their mom along with their spouses and kids. So it’s one big family. 

But I could feel it he doesn’t have an easy life and clearly has no professional or emotional support.

I am going to suggest online support groups tomorrow. 

Any tips, ideas, suggestions, or anything you guys have to share for her and the family?


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