Bumpy Ride

So Folks,

Fasten your seatbelts, we are off to a bumpy ride.

Wish you could hear the sigh I let out. Oh btw I did post my verbal rant in the last post and realized nobody would want me to speak, people can deal with my writing but not speaking so the podcast is a NO for me. This idea goes to the “don’t try” bucket with Satchi Art and Amazon Merch etc…


Sis has been sick lately. Sis is me just in case…

So last weekend idk which meteor of germs and diseases hit us, everyone in the office was coughing their lungs out on Monday, and your friend was leading the marathon!

The only marathon I am capable of leading…

Rains have literally dissolved the roads and the ride to work and back feels like you are in a blender without the lid. You have to clutch to the walls out you will be flying out! My bones are dividing every day.

Alongwith this, dad hasn’t been doing too well. He is triggered, he is anxious, and he is not ok. And his doctor said they can’t do anything new to change the situation. So at this point, we dont know what we can do.

He is feeling lonely. And idk how to fix that. I have tried everything.

About work… insane as usual. 

Art. Taken a back seat as usual. 

Appetite. Monstrous as usual. … but I have a reason, I was sick and it made me weak not I need more food.

This is another marathon I’m leading.

I so want to lead a sleep marathon but dad wouldn’t let me

We have new house help. And after 1 week she told us she can’t cook. Now I told dad I can easily manage cooking, but he is adamant that I train her… which is a million times harder! Today I couldn’t speak but I just had to tell her how to cook curry, cooking it myself would save me from a near-death experience but that’s how dad is these days… idk man… idk what to do with him.

I so want to go shopping by myself. Explore the malls and markets of this city. I haven’t really been out without family for a single day and honestly some days you need some space to breathe. 

But also everyone is soooo busy. All my friends. We can’t just plan anything. I don’t like this part of adult life I always assumed we would have more freedom but we are just more imprisoned by our schedule.

I miss the old days… and now wonder why did we even want to grow up. 


I’m kinda confused about my work experience, I’m getting a lot of different experiences which could just end up making me jack of all trades and master of none. I doubt I will even end up being jack since everything moves so fast I don’t get time to even learn properly.

Will have to do something about it soon. 

I started watching a Korean series on Netflix, my first Korean series and I like it. Aesthetically amazing. It’s about an attorney who is on the autism spectrum, they dealt with the subject beautifully.

That’s it for now. 

I wanted to do so much more only if the cough didn’t almost take my life.

Have a nice day!

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  1. It appears some people live multiple lives all at once! A world in chaos shattered hopes and trying to force them on the people will only add to the confusion. Who will share your sorrow, is there nothing else to do but follow the conventions?


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