The gas story…


Guess what!

At 10 pm we lose gas supply, gas in stoves to cook… just being clear.

How do I know this? 

Because we had this lady who used to cook and she recently left. So 2 days back I came home thawed chicken, quickly chopped onion while my eyes were about to bleed with tears and the moment I turned the stove nob…nothing… no gas.

Then it happened again the next day. You must be thinking how come I didn’t remember what happened the day before? Umm I do this a lot.

But today… I realized the gas comes back at 1:30 am, or before that

Now how do I know this?

Because I got up to make noodles for myself at 1:30 am. 

And that’s something I do a lot too. And voila!!! There was gas!

A lot happened today at work. But a lot happens at work every day I guess. Just that now I’m part of that a lot. But also I think I’m kinda getting used to it now.

The review hasn’t happened yet but there was review of some parts of my work so now I have an idea and I think I m going to be ok.

I don’t have much work for the weekend. Actually, I do but not a lot, so I’m planning to go shopping this weekend or maybe will make artwork or read… anything oh and I was looking into granola bars recipes if you know anything please share.

Idk why I came here to tell you about gas. Maybe just wanted to be here.

Take care guys. Have an amazing weekend.

Be kind to yourself.

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