Random Updates

Written last night…

I just took melatonin
I have shitton of work
And worries
My brother doesnt look like he is ok  clearly he is struggling with something.
The shirt i wore today had a hole. It was mom’s i have been wearing it all the time now the stitches are dissolving.
I was thinking maybe i should stay away from blog for work but honestly i feel i need you guys the most now. Its my first audit period without supervision, and im leading. So its blind walking a blind situation.
Some times i feel too pressured and i feel like crying but i think i ran out of tears. Its weird.
Dry meltdowns are so weird.
I met my cousins again yesterday, most of my relatives have been extremely nice and welcoming since i came here, which is nice.
I think my melatonin kicked in.
I got a lot of snacks today. Energy bars, chips  chocolates, sour patch, weird sugary drinks, gums etc etc… i just wanted to to do this.
I just remember i ran out of cash and atm wasnt working where we went. I remember this now at 12 30 am when im about to drop dead.
Hey i just started watching sienfeld and it’s awesome. I love it.
I miss you guys
Oh an old friend call me. Somebody who was my constant shoulder to cry on during my teens and early 20s. Its was nice talking. Havent been in touch with some friends for more than a decade. He is one of those friends who always have new business ideas lol.
Lifes crazy. Im more scared of responsibility of work at all of my clients than work. It was nice to have A2 around. Without a senior its scary.
Dads gotten too good at taken care of home.
My baby sis is moving to another country in a year. Idk what im gonna do without my little nephew.
3 to 4 weeks are very challenging for me. Pray for me if you do.
I was wondering why am i doing this to myself..then i was wondering, if not this then what???
What else??? Nothing is easy


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