Mini Breaks

Gosh, I’m brimming with words.

I’m teeming with words, minus the spaces, it feels like I’m going to explode.

I can’t even begin to explain how overwhelming the whole work situation is.

It’s the audit period. I knew it was going to be a bloodbath but being in the middle of a bloodbath for the first time without arms is dangerous.

But I didn’t come here to talk about work.

I came here to take about what I figured out in between.

My mind doesn’t stop even when I’m sleeping.

So there are a few things I do to take my mind off even if it’s for a few minutes.

1-Avoiding my phone during family time

Last weekend I went to visit my 2 aunts. I kept my phone away from me. In another room.

If it’s around me, I might get a work-related call, and then my mind will start working on it.

Not looking at a phone for like 2 hours is not going to do major harm, especially when you are with your family. If there’s an emergency people can reach you through your family.

I do the same when I’m with dad too. it’s important to give few minutes to your family no matter how busy you are, it’s not for them, it’s for us.

2: Taking random pictures.

I took this one at a client.


Focusing on something else for even less than 5 minutes is going to help your mind a great deal. Trust me if I don’t do this I don’t even give my brain 5 minutes of break.

3- A mindless game.

I have this candy crush kinda game, dream blast, on my phone which takes less than 2 minutes for one stage/round.

Screenshot_20220730-150906_Dream Blast

Those 2 minutes are a gift to me because my mind is occupied with something that doesn’t take a lot of your mental energy, you don’t really have to think for a game like that, it’s just a few touches on the screen. (not endorsing the game most of the time it makes you lose intensionally)

Honestly, in the times like these, I can’t say no to work. I can see it’s a tough time for everyone, even though it’s self-inflicted because of mismanagement by upper management.

And since it’s my first audit period I have too many challenges to deal with.

But there are a few little things that I can do, that won’t take much of my time. 

And will save me from doing totally insane… hopefully.

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  1. Putting the phone down is crucial. We have come to rely on these devices so heavily that our society has become disassociated. The infinite scrolling without actual retaining is a tragedy waiting to happen. Nice way to focus on what’s important, leaving the busy work to the side. ☺️ enjoy your weekend!

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