just sharing…

My most-uttered line to dad these days is… “I can’t even begin to explain what happened at work today”

So that’s what I’m gonna say here.

So I’m just going to share a few random pics I took this week.

The first one is what inspired this post.

I was this spider on my window today.


It’s been raining a lot lately so the air is clearer for like a few hours until we pollute it again. So I got to see clear clouds in between firm, clients, and home. 

If you follow this space you would know, that I love to take pictures of clouds. Saw some prettier once but rickshaw rides are too bumpy for photography.



And then I saw this small ant dragging carcass of a bigger ant.


For funeral… or ant cannibalism. You never know. I have seen them do it.


These were the few moments where I could think of something else besides work.

It’s so hard to not think about something even for a few minutes when you are caught up in it like a cyclone.

Yes. I found the word.

The work situation is like a cyclone these days. 

You always fear what you haven’t done before. My bosses have very high expectations from me, for all the things that I have done and I haven’t. Wish me luck and pray I survive.

That’s all folks.

Take care of yourself.

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