The good, the bad, and the ugly…

I’m here today, with you all. Reading, writing, and commenting.

And coughing like a horse.

It hasn’t stopped raining for last 10 days or so, it looks pretty, but it left most of the people sick but I’m happy today (kinda) so i had to share it with you.

2 days back my Director called me and signed my confirmation along-with a 37% raise in salary based on performance. Normally we do get a small raise on confirmation but this is huge!!! 

They are compensating it by adding work of 37 people but I think that would happen anyway. So yea I’m grateful.

Everyone has too many expectations from me at firm and this does get a little scary, but let’s see.

Last week I also got another review on swinging sanity after a very long time, which felt great!

If any of you have read my book and liked it, please take a few moments and drop a review, or a rating at least. This means the world to me, especially when I’m getting no time to promote it or publish the new one.

WordPress robbed me again. I paid $18 for customized domain but I am still being directed to the free domain name. Upon asking, they said I need to buy a plan too if I want to use a customized domain name even if I have paid for it. So basically cost of customized domain isn’t $18  (as they say on the website), it’s (5×12)+18= $78! Which you only find out once they have taken your money. well… just another WordPress betrayal.

But WordPress is not alone in betrayals, it’s got Amazon hand in hand in making your life stressful for no reason. 

First I wasn’t able to buy books published on kdp (self-published), because amazon doesn’t let us, if we are based in some countries of the Middle East, South Africa and Asia. 

I was able to buy only a few very accidentally (still don’t know why and how) and have too many failed purchase emails when I tried to buy books self-published by blog friends.

Now I can’t even review a book! How awesome is that!!! I don’t even know why. I have zero energy to deal with this shit right now.

That weird manager I was talking about, there have been harassment complaints against him in past and nothing was done about it. And every other day I get a new assignment where I will have to work with him. Idk how I’m gonna deal with this. Some say I’m strong and have dealt with so much, but honestly, I was hoping for a little peace in life…


Such is life…

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28 thoughts on “The good, the bad, and the ugly…

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  1. I have bought a few books published by bloggers and had no issues on Kindle. Perhaps because I made my Amazon account while I was in the US! 37% increase is huge. I hope your stay in the firm is a happy one. Don’t let the crazies get to you. And don’t let anyone harass you either. Hugs and congratulations

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    1. this is so weird. i had 2 amazon accounts. one on my dubai address and with the other i would buy stuff to deliver to my sisterr’s place in US, when i wanted to shop something there.

      and yet they keep mixing my addresses and live locations. amazon literaly gave me a whole list of countries from where you can’t purchase a self-published book.

      this is so complecated. i just try and then give up. but now i have this new issue where i can’t even review, initially i would be able to do it.

      i need time and energy to deal with all these wordpress, amazon issues.

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      1. maybe i was jumping between 2 countries alot and then also shopping in 3rd country. it does messes up location. or maybe it’s having issues in Pakistan, you never know. i will try to sort it out and all other blog/writing/publishing/books/amazon/wordpres/borderless bank accounts…. there’s a whole laundry list of problem to sort when i have time.

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      2. That could be the reason. You can go to the settings and set your home country as Pakistan and see if it allows you to buy the books. I’ve bought many self-published books.

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  2. I hope the pay rise doesn’t seem like a pay off to cope with too much more crap. Take notes if that manager is getting too much to handle and do take complaints to the next level. Even if nothing is done you will have it on record. Congratulations and don’t let the bastards get you down 🙂

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    1. even if they didn’t give me raise, there still would be too much crap to put up with lol. that’s just how corporate world works i guess when you are on a junior level.

      i’m definitely going to take notes and keep a few trusted people in the loop. he has no idea what he is dealing with this time.

      Thank you! and don’t worry i have you guys 🙂

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    1. i never took any such course. dont even know where it is. but honestly its very simple they charge me for something and refuse to provide that survice untill i pay more, this is crazy.

      i will post the whole thing in a post later with screenshots. they keep on repeating the same thing, i need to buy a plan, which i dont need at all right now.

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  3. Its sad that you bought a domain name just to park it. However, all is not lost, you can consider avenues of self hosted wordpress. It gives you alot more freedom. I personally have my website/blog self hosted. It is not the easy way out but the freedom and capabilities are just mind blowing!!

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