Review # 21- Swinging Sanity

The sweetest surprise is getting a review on your book.

Surprise, because my reviews are scattered across the internet (which sucks, but ok)

So sometimes I find one days later. This one was on amazon UAE:

This is an exceptional piece of writing, poetry so honest that it touches your heart and soul. The words used express the writers feelings in a way that it absorbs you and leaves you feeling the struggle, the pain, the rawness of emotions. This is as true as it gets. Good writing is what it takes from the author and leaves the reader making them relate and feel and live the words written on paper and this is what this book does. Must read for poetry lovers.

Screen Shot 2022-07-12 at 1.53.40 AM

In the midst of organized and unorganized chaos my life has become, any kind of appreciation feels like the best gift.

Hope you’ll are having a good day πŸ™‚


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12 thoughts on “Review # 21- Swinging Sanity

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  1. So in your wildest dreams, if your literary dabbling s flourished with widespread success, would you be wiling to quit your other job and be a full time writer? Sometimes I use my hobbies as a test of commitment to my career.

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    1. i would love to see the day when my art and writing can pay my bills. but there’s a faint change of that happening and honestly i can’t take that risk at this point.

      but if was selling a million book… i would definitely quit!


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