Work situation

I don’t know how to begin without driving everyone else as crazy as I’m these days.

So far, I had a lot of work, but a supervisor (A2) who had 4 years of experience and he was the one dealing with the managers, was taking responsibility for all that work.

Now A2 is leaving in a few days, after him the whole hierarchy is empty till the manager. Which is scary. 

Assignment bombs are being dropped on me without warning and Idk how they expect I will do everything perfectly well.

Then there are 2 new employees and I’m told to train them … big LOL!

Also, A2 is handing over everything to me. Everything here means every work.

I literally told my managers that in this inheritance all I’m getting is a lot of work. I laughed through tears saying that.

Tears of fear is also a thing I just realized.

As a cherry on the icing, my dad opened a new case (Suit). A long, long long case. One day I was typing and I slept in the middle when I was typing this doc… 

Also, recently I came across this interesting personality who everyone hates.

Literally everyone.

He’s like Vecna/No.1/Henry of our firm.

He has been giving a tough time to every person in office to the point where people have resigned because of him.

Breaking news is…. he is my manager now, and every position between me and him is vacant right now. So I will be directly reporting to him. Also, I’m on junior-most level… sounds fun right?

He called me 2 weeks back to his office, and was extremely nice to me.

I have become very picky about what I’m sharing about my life, so I told him the reason of my career gap in 1 line as a hard fact.

Idk what triggered in him. He started telling me his life story with teary eyes. Starting from his childhood.

At that moment I had this weird inner war to deal with.

I have heard really bad things about this guy.

He is being nice to me and he has tears.

We were in his office. And this is the first time we are talking.

Now, since I started mental health advocacy, I have learned to be a patient and neutral listener when someone is sharing anything with me. No matter who it is.

So that’s what I did. I listened and I said “i’m sorry”

I contained my reactions. WE WERE IN THE OFFICE AND HE IS MY BOSS!

15 minutes later his whole personality switched. He was subtly threatening me that I wasn’t allowed to make mistakes. And I should know everything perfectly well. 

After that he started to get worse everytime I met him.

Well, my conclusion. He had a plan. He let his guard down, so that I let my guard down, which didn’t happen.

Being a new member of his team, and him knowing his reputation very well, he played this cards to earn a soft corner. But I stayed professional throughout. This isn’t going to sit well with him.

He wanted something and he didn’t get it. He will try something else now.

He just added me to this new team he is building for an assignment I will be working directly with him on that.

So… next 3 months (audit period) are going to be really hard for me.

With truck-loads of work, of different assignments, of different managers, last one just took my profile. New employees to train. And I don’t even know what else…

And the REAL work hasn’t even started.

So yea… work situation looks more like a calamity now.

Everyone is saying it’s good for my future, but how am I going to survive the present?

Wish me luck guys. I need a lot of it!

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      1. “The Big Four is the nickname used to refer collectively to the four largest professional services networks in the world, consisting of the global accounting networks Deloitte, Ernst & Young, KPMG and PricewaterhouseCoopers”

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