Alexa! Play Adele.

It’s been raining here for the last 3 days (as far as I remember)

Today, I and brother had to go to get groceries and I found him sitting on a chair. He was lost watching raindrops dancing on our car porch.

Me: I know what you are thinking. 

Now us being responsible kids, maybe we’re just waiting for someone to stop us.

Him: We both don’t have to go to work today. These aren’t urgent groceries. And it’s raining…

We both kept our glasses and mobiles on the stairs. And enjoyed the rain for the next hour or so.

He was reaching for a wiper again and again and I had to stop him.

We both have crazy busy jobs.

(job story coming up in next few posts)

It’s hard to stop and take a break and live in the moment when you just have been working like a machine.

We stopped today. Drenched in rain. Talked about random stuff. Took pictures.

It was a good hour or so. I don’t even know how long we were out.


We all know rain makes everything prettier…

We have holidays here… so I will try to write. Need to vent a lot.

Job situation is more like a calamity now!

WordPress robbed me again… yea AGAIN!!…

Reviews and stuff…

I have 4 days and 4 million things to take care of. But miss you all so badly 😦

Hope you all are doing well.

Please take care. Because I really really REALLY  care about all of you!


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