One day
A million pending errands
Mystic expectations from Dad
Unrealistic deadlines from bosses
Of assignments, fantastic

What do I do
With a day half perished
Do I do something artistic
Or follow the laundry list
And make it choristic

I had to go shopping
Which I hate
Stylistic friends are busy
And I’m lazy
And a little simplistic

Oh, it rained a few days back
The smell of wet soil
Pictures like underpinning
The fistic hammering of raindrops
30 minutes of drive, so cathartic

This is my Saturday
6 pm glowing on the phone
Don’t feel like leaving my bed
This is how I burned my dreams
Of living a life holistic…

Maybe I should rest
Or take a warm shower
Or have 3rd meal of the day
Anything, but work
Or I will be judged, when I go ballistic…

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Copyright © 2022 stoneronarollercoaster – All rights reserved

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