New flower alert and other random S***

New flower alert and other random S***

Look at this!


I was leaving for work when I saw these flowers in one of our plants. And I was like… how many plants are going through identity crisis here because I never saw these before.

Took a picture. That was a must!

Then my brother gave me that time-to-get-you-to-asylum look and we ran.

Oh, my brother agreed to pick me up and drop me off if he doesn’t have to go out of his way to get to his own office. I will be paying for fuel but honestly, that will still be 1/5th of what I was paying for cabs per month. The next driver would be like…”this will be your kidney and half a small intestine”.

And how TF everything I mean EVERYTHING is so insanely expensive. 

Insane price hikes, and then there are layouts. Won’t even touch other subjects. Like the whole world is suddenly a cluster of problems. It’s like we are still in the 50th installment of 2020…

Petrol is going crazy here, our currency is hitting one rock bottom after another. Then power outages…

Idk man.

Oh, the problem I kept telling you all to pray about is like half sorted. Can’t thank God enough and you all for your love, support and prayers. 

It’s complicated how it’s sorted. But it’s one big victory. I will keep fighting for the other half. Your girl has become a permanent fighter!

Then there’s this monster manager everyone kept warning me against and now I think I will have to start reporting to him soon. Even though I shouldn’t since we are from different lines of work but I heard he is a control freak and he makes sure everyone reports to him.

So far I get along very well with everyone at work idk how it’s going to go with him. 

Our home is having random little renovations these days. So every day I find something new and uglier but you can’t say that because it’s dad’s idea.

I said something and he got upset and we didn’t talk for 2 3 days. Until brother took us out for dinner to normalize things. 

Btw awesome food! And an awesome promotion! It was a good day. We even had selfie with all 3 of us smiling. That was only possible because dad was on phone talking to somebody.

He can’t smile in pictures it’s weird.

And OMG my nephew can do horror movie sound effects. He makes this eeeeee sound exactly like from old mansions in horror movies. 

And he cries A LOT. And he would be laying on me and I would sing lullabies for hours with gently stroking his back and arm and he would be just still like he is sleeping.

But he is not!

His round eyes are wide open. He is just enjoying it.

I kinda understand why Mowgli was raised by wolves.

I would easily give my child to wolves to raise if they made such noises… I just can’t… it’s literally 24/77 not even kidding.

Well. Hope you all are doing well and winning your little battles every day.

I miss my pastels and charcoal. Wish I could find a little time and peace.

Also. If you have read my book. Kindly drop rating/reviews on Amazon and Goodreads, especially amazon. This would mean the world to me.


Take care guys. Have a great day.

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