Murphy’s Law in Action!

My whole frking life is the most intense degree of Murphys law in action.

The van service i use everyday is abruptly discontinuing operations without any prior notice. And there’s no other alternative, they are running away with the amount we subscribed thier packages for.

I have lost my glasses and you know it takes a lifetime to find the one frame that sits on your face without making you look like a serial killer in making.

I think its in one of the vans.

Now Im just squinting, moving forward again again again to see the laptop screen.

My brother said no for the first thing i asked him to do. I have to get that hard disk retrieved and i cant go to a shop that does it because that’s like no-women zone. I want to live, have to prove plenty of assholes wrong!

I live to seek revenge!

I can’t see the floor or bed or any furniture or hooks literally anything in my own bedroom. It’s like an earthquack hit a super store, specially baby stuff eisle.

These days literally office is the best place to be at…how weird is this???

I’m loaded with toxin. My gut must be gutter. I have no time to prep something healthy for myself so im shoving down biscuits chips fries, anything everything, down my esophagus. Its like feeding a shedder.

My system is just eating whatever im tossing in it like a shredder without looking at importance of the contents on the paper.

Everything is just falling apart.

Yesterday after all the bad news my colleage suddenly started laughing and i said “oh so you are on that stage of grief”

I think we are losing it.

The economic conditions everywhere is making people all sorts of crazy.

It’s like we slipped into chain of pandemics and its turning into an infinity loop now.

What a massive clusterfuck…

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8 thoughts on “Murphy’s Law in Action!

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    1. lol my sisters are light that. i have the best vision in whole family, rest of them have way worse. the worst one has -6 eyesight. they literally used to sleep with glasses when their kids were small or tehy wont be able to see their babies when they wake up lol.

      I’m try not to lose it these days. and its a real struggle i swear!


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