Eid Mubarak!

Ok so today is the first day of Eid (we have 3)

Last night I and my brother were like… yayyyy tomorrow onwards we will eat whatever whenever wherever we want.

So that’s what we have been doing so far.

Making uncountable trips to the kitchen just to eat something.

We had a very unplanned potluck.

One sister came to cook at our place because the water supply at their place suddenly stopped. IMAGINE! 1 day before eid!

So she gave some of her food to us. 

I cooked korma. For this one, I requested I will do it on my own. And guess what, the first batch finished last night so I had to cook the whole thing all over again for today.

Then another sis came over with food (Haleem and rice)

And we had plenty of desserts from random places.

So we were good. The table was full without any plan. I wish we took pictures. But we were tired and hungry.

Haven’t really dressed up yet.

I used some highlighter and red lipstick to rescue my face so that I look less dead.

We have dinner plans at our grandma at night. And tomorrow dad is throwing Eid dinner to his whole family and Mom’s whole family that makes 80+ people. We actually had to book a venue.

So we are gonna have a busy Eid this time (like pretty much every time). Will try my best to take at least one proper eid picture for you all.

Besides that, I’m trying to train my mind to be on a positive track. 

Just started a medication docuseries on Netflix, not sure if that’s going to work but no harm in trying. And thinking about a few more things. will be sharing as we go. It’s not easy but we will get there 😊

Eid Mubarak and have a good day. 

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