Moment of calm, in chaos…

Hello wonderful people!

I don’t know if anybody told you before, that you are the most amazing crowd on the whole planet.

Last 2 weeks have been hard. 

A.  I had tons of work, and it was all ok, I paced myself well until A2 wrecked the plans (which never existed in the first place) and switched the deadlined without even thinking. And I got last moment deadline for some compulsory courses… my brain was crying for mercy I swear.

B.   Remember that comment from a random girl about age and all, and how it got to me… that was far worse. Thanks to you people again for holding my hand and pulling me out. I had to remind myself of my own goals.

I had to recalibrate my own thoughts.

I chose this life. I made this decision after thinking about them for years, again and again, and again. 

I was well aware of the consequences, and trust me it could be far worse than this. 

I could choose to be imprisoned in a toxic life that was just corroding my sanity and my own existence. Or I could choose a harder path that would be rocky in the beginning but eventually, I would be independent in a lot of ways. I chose the latter.

I was content with my decision.

But when a random trigger like this hits you, you topple a little.

Again, I’m grateful for every friend here and outside here who was kind to me and supported me during this. I wish everyone had people like you around. 

I talked about it to every person I could. I tried to drain this negativity out of my system. And I’m glad I did that.

Fasting month started today, Happy Ramadan!

I will try to schedule Mental Health re-blogs over the weekend, I know weekdays are going to be chaotic.

I come home, eat and pass out. That’s literally my life these days. It’s going to take some adjustment until I’m finally able to create something worth reading or worth looking at. Until then please do visit the re-blogs I’m sharing. 

In the end I will share I light moment with you all.

The biggest plant we have is of Arabian Jasmin. And we grew it at the entrance of our home because my mom loved it.

She used to wear its flowers in her Bali (earrings) or keep them on her dressing. 

When my recent dark (not too dark) phase was fading away, I was waiting for my cab to go to work and I saw these flowers. They instantly reminded me of my mom and how she used to find little moments of joy in these flowers when she had a very hectic life.

I plucked 2 of them and held them in my hand for the ride to work. I pushed each and every thought away and tried to live in that moment, a blank moment with these flowers and their fresh fragrance.


During chaos, little moments of calm like these help you reset your balance.

Take care and have a great day. 

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Kindly visit my post Warriors Invited To Raise Mental Health Awareness where I invite Mental Health Warriors to submit their blog’s address so that we can join hands to control this wildfire.

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9 thoughts on “Moment of calm, in chaos…

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  1. There is no escape from things that are not worth attending to but which have to be attended to. Who understands life knows, we depend on material means to survive but we do not need to identify ourselves with things that are of no benefit to our souls.

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    1. surprisingly this makes sense to me. i told myself “i’m going to do this job to earn a living and pay bills, it’s not the end of the world for me” but i think i was getting sucked in. had to re-calibrate. all i want is mental peace and that takes soo much mental effort ironically.

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