Storms don’t last forever🦋-MHA Reblog

On May 23, 2018, the author of blog mywarriorstory wrote:

My Story isn’t over yet;

I’m Leanne Gibbs aged 18, I will be explaining my personal journey in mental health… how it started, how I received help and the recovery journey that is continuing now. There will be a trigger warning in this blog!!! This will be including my self harm, my suicide attempts and my psychotic episodes!!I have decided to put everything into one blog instead off doing separate ones. 2016-2018. Enjoy.

It was 2016 when I started realising that the things I was doing wasn’t right, besides this was my final year at school (year 11). I attended East Point Academy and I was coming home from school just locking my self away in my bedroom from everyone, not going out socialising like I use to before. Home life was as good as it can get with no problems at all. School life was pretty tough for me though I was getting kicked…

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