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On February 11, 2016, Klodo wrote:

Death by Shyness

I watched The Age of Loneliness tonight which had been on the BBC a couple of weeks ago. It was very sad and had me in tears a couple of times. I hate to see that kind of desperation and sadness, its heartbreaking.Many of the people were old and alone having lost a partner after years together. However some were not and of course mental health and social anxiety are key ingredients of loneliness. In fact I can’t really think of many conditions which keep a person lonely for the majority of their life other than social anxiety. Hardly anyone for instance goes a lifetime without even having a partner but many with anxiety do as I can testify. It makes you think that you are weird beyond belief and that you must be evil or bad in some way but of course that is complete crap as I have…

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  1. I have mild social anxiety now but growing up it was pretty severe. I guess old age gets into your bones and mind and lets you think less about people around. And when i say less not in a evil psychopathic way just in a not to worry so much about what people think of you.

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    1. i have had horrible horrible social anxiety and i kinda agree with the age thing. few years back i was meeting a group of people after a long time, at a friends place. and all the time i was in her kitchen, pacing, panting, wiping my palms. i was losing it.

      i know you don’t mean in evil way 🙂

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      1. Did I tell you the story about me getting an F in a world history oral report in 10th grade cause I refuse to get up in front of the class a do an oral report? I was terrified.

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      2. Im sorry you went through this.

        And teachers did nothing to help you? Why am i even surprised, i can’t remember many teachers who did something to help me when i was struggling, actually made it worse sometimes. This sucks!

        Thank God we grew up.

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      3. back in the day i think there was no such thing as social anxiety … he thought i was just slacking. I showed him in other areas that i was no slacker. It was that old school mentality.

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  2. Are you perhaps forgetting how the trait of social anxiety might be simply refusing to make the choice of feeling alright as an introvert. You might consider sharing your experiences more with those people.

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    1. Acting uncontrollably shy was never a choice and almost always is a result of upbringing. Judgement and ridicule from so many other people however was a choice which is the real reason for continued avoidance.

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