Life’s Good 🙂

Important day tomorrow…kinda

Tomorrow will be 1 month since I joined the firm.

And coincidently tomorrow I will get my id and appointment letter. 

In one month I already have worked or still working on 6 clients!

I didn’t realize it’s a big number until the guy who’s given the task to supervise me (let’s call him A2, he’s going to be mentioned a lot), asked me when did I join, and then said “aren’t you feeling pressured we assigned you so many clients suddenly”

And honestly I was confused. 


Dude I have lived/dealt/worked with monsters, all kinds, shapes and sizes. 

I just said “no, it’s actually good I will get to learn faster”.

This conversation stuck with me.

There’s so much life has taught me. 

If you started reading my blog more than 1 month back, you would know what a clusterfuck I lived through.

And now I’m good busy. I sleep peacefully. I’m trying to eat and living healthy. I’m back into my ideal weight range after years!

There’s a lot I’m not getting time for, but I eventually will.

oh, the stop where I wait for my work van, I often see a kid with a mama camel and a baby camel just strolling by.

I told my friend about it with evidence (a picture)

And this is how the convo went

Friend: where are they even going?

Me: I don’t know

Friend: and where do they poop?

*Radio Silence*…

Me: umm I don’t know, but now I’m wondering. I have never seen a camel toilet here.

Later I was thinking…is that what our roads are made of? Is that why they are so bumpy? ….


I don’t know what happens tomorrow. But so far, life’s good.

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23 thoughts on “Life’s Good 🙂

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  1. Oh how “terrible”, you know that good news does not sell very well over time, you might run out of stuff to write about, if you continue to be so positive forever after; like famous writer ones said to his therapist when offered a pill to cure him of all the darkness, ‘do you want to ruin my career?’

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  2. hahaha. I just love you. When I first saw the photo I felt a little jealous like…really? you get camels walking down the street? And to read this made me bust up. That said. I love the gentleness where you said you are good. It was with a deep breath, no doubt, AND an eye roll when you turned around (directed at A2). I do hope there will be a continuing saga there. And I wandered for a minute around your blog to see the energy you found in your quest for helping others understand mental health. It is great work by you and others. Keep on my friend. #SOAR

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    1. i showed you camels of Oman (on insta) and then camels of PAksitan. some day i will show you camels of Dubai too, had alot of those there.

      im realizing now my life is so full of camels.
      ahahaha OMG you know me so well. i have to hold my eyeballs in place or they will get lost in my head somehwere, this guy is eye-roll trigger. every damn thing he says…

      I’m living that saga, unfortunately. so insanely b usy these days, i come home, eat and pass out. in a way it’s good, no more insomnia…

      anytime i get i schedule these reblogs. each one of them are important and worth reading and sharing, i’m gratefull for this opportunity where i can share thier stories and efforts.

      thanks for encouragement. I’m grateful to have you here 🙂

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      1. It was worth reading. And I always love hearing from you as well. Busy is good. Sleep is better so your mind can rest . Hope it continues.

        There will always be “those people” in our lives. 🤗.

        Hope there are more camels around. They must put a smile on your face.

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      2. there are cows too, but havent seen them lately. where i wait for my van i am always under threat of a big flock of crows attacking me. they just live there. i saw a mouse/rat too.

        now i am wondering..should i move a bit away from this spot, it’s too many creatures.

        lives going insane these day. work and broken elevator at work (our office is at 4th floor). then fasting month is here, so fasts. and a lot of random little adult life things. sometimes i just go numb.

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      3. Well mice are worse than cows, hands down. In fact. I recall that funny post of yours from a few years ago. Do you remember it? a mouse or rat in the house? I cant remember all the details. I just remember fear and laughter (that was me when I read it) .

        Hope the elevator is fixed by now as it has been almost a week since you wrote your note.

        Fasting is tough…respect…

        Yes. It is the littlest things that take the most every from us. Not sure why that is.

        Hang in there… Love ya.

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      4. it was few months back! this year only. a little mouse was living with us.
        i wish we could have a little laughter with fear too, all we had was panic, fear and disgust.

        elevator wasn’t out of order they were jsut not operating it at our office time. after more than 2 weeks, it was working today. such a relief!

        fasting is touch. mostly im just sleeping through it (when i’m home) (sometimes at work too)

        omg yesterday i slept all the way home. so embarassing. in a van full of people i was just sleeping lol.

        I’m better. thank you and love you too 😊


      5. Glad you are better, and the elevator is accessible to you. Sleep is good, especially on a van of people. I have pretended to sleep on a subway before so I don’t have to talk to anyone. Thats different, but true. lol. Hope your energy is returning…

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      6. Ahahah how come i didn’t think of that! Well nobody tried to talk here anyway. I think we all are just exhausted.

        I hope it returns i have started taking vitamins in the morning just so that i dont passout on the middle of the day.

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