Nose Problems


Your girl deligently started using sunscreen.

Not insta-deligently..normal people deligently!

Like i apply an amount that covers my face, not one side of mount everest.

And whats biggest feature on my face?

My nose!

I didn’t know how slippery a human nose can get untill i wore glasses at work.

They would slide down my nose like little toddlers from slides in a park.

A point came i was constantly pushing it back to top of the slope or holding it in place by literally holding one corner of frame…CONSTANTLY.

I looked like wise old lady statue.

Or looked like i’m emphasising on next thing I’m going to say.

Like bringing forth a solid point full of wisdom.

The solid point of wisdom being, how slipery a human nose can get when applied sunscreen.

I was just trying to see and hear properly.

Only people with glasses know we also can’t hear clearly without glasses. This is an external necessary linkage we form with the frame to keep both the senses functional.

So i was simply trying to see and understand.

But if my one hand is busy holding my second set of eyes, how am i supposed to get anything done?

Therefore i took some measures today.

1. No sunscrean on the nose.

2. Sanded the nose-bridge-rests-thing of my glases. It did hurt a little to do it, as it scrathed off the outer layers to reveal colourless plastic inside. when i do this astrocity but i consider it collateral damage.

If this doesnt fix the problen, i have ruined my glasses for no reason.

And these are the only glasses that make my face human lookking.

Let’s see how it goes…

.. (1)

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23 thoughts on “Nose Problems

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  1. I too wear sunglasses and use sunscreen. I’m a redhead. But the sunscreen I use doesn’t cause a problem. You might want to try changing your brand and see if that helps.

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  2. I love your humour, especially the toddler thing. All the best at work!
    My spec is problematic at night for me to see cars which are faraway because I “brilliantly” asked the optician to remove something from it to make it more reader-friendly. I read more on the screen, that’s why. It was just too expensive to make it good for near and far visions.

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    1. Ahah glad you do lol.thank you!
      My family finds me the most unfunny person because i lqugh too hard on my jokes even before telling

      Oh that’s annoying. It’s hard to get the right frame and right everything else and in the end if you are having issues with the one you costomized… it just sucks.


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