So mad at myself!!!

So mad at myself!!!

OMG why am I such an idiot?

I was having a great day! For a change…

I have better energy. I made my list. I got some of it done in the beginning of the day. 

Life was good.


A friend of mine ( told me that for better engagement I should start by making my instagram account public…

I could fall of my bed when I heard this, but I’m too heavy for that.

Sometimes being fat helps.

Well. I checked. 

And it was switched to private.

From all of 2021.

Only God knows why.

And I’m guessing I knew too when I switched it to private but with the memory of goldfish I must have forgotten it right after 2 minutes…just like I forgot I ever made my account private

I wish I had memory of an elephant too when I’m looking like one.

Why did I have to be the tapestry of useless animal traits???

I like artwork I did in 2021, and I feel bad nobody could even see it. Might repost them…

And you know what I was thinking?

I thought since after covid all celebrities hopped on instagram so readers/instagrammers are focussed there more. So that’s the reason of drop in likes and follows.

I would never even know my account was private.

Just few days back a friend pointed out I have too many comments that I never replied or even liked… I was like…what comments?? I don’t get any.

And it took me hours to reply all of them. It was embarrassing!

I’m just so sooooo mad at myself.

I also don’t know how twitter works, I have been on it for 3 years!

Well..Rant over!

You can follow me If you haven’t already. Would love to see you guys there too. looks like I will have to work on the whole thing.

Thanks for tolerating! 

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