Processing Trauma

Today I’m proud of myself for reaching a point I thought I never will.

When you think about people who hurt you in past but you don’t wish something bad to happen to them. You don’t want to see them suffer the same way you did. 

You don’t feel or want anything. Nothing at all.

I didn’t get here in a day. It took me a years and years. 

A friend told me “you are emotionally healthy because you can talk about your feelings.”

I’m grateful to every person who gave me space and didn’t doubt me or judge me when I was being vulnerable and venting my heart out.

We always find the people we need.

I think I always had the right people through that whole cycle of trauma.

When you go through that cycle, by actually processing it, not by shoving it under the rug, by the end you reach a sense of contentment and relief.

I know what those people did was wrong and unfair. But when I have allowed myself to feel the pain, talk about it and internally process it, do I even care what happens to them?

I firmly believe in Karma. I haven’t forgiven them, not there yet.

But do I want to burn my energy speculating their future?

Let me explain processing of trauma, as per my experience and understanding.

When something bad happens to you. And you allow yourself to react. Answer the what? how? why? For your own self. You don’t always have the answers, but then you understand that too.

Let yourself express what you are feeling, talk about it, cry and mourn if you have to. And the whole cycle takes its due course. Sometimes it’s all about time.

None of it can be forced. Throughout this, you have to be kind and forgiving to your own self.

And then you start seeing light within you. You feel you have healed and it’s so satisfying.

You should also acknowledge when your heart is cleansed.

Give yourself credit for going through it and surviving.

Nothing is 100%. I haven’t processed all of my traumas and turned into this mentally super human. 

But I am grateful for my journey and coming out of it as a better person.


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  1. Everyone deals with trauma in their own way, in their own time. But you are so right: we need to talk to the right people with the right support. We can survive anything if we believe…

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