Fluttering Leaves…

Sis: Are you even listening?

Me: Sorry I got distracted by fluttering leaves. They are fluttering like butterflies.

Sis: Ok…I won’t stop you today.

She was smiling. It happened when we went out.

Then I was going out with brother and suddenly we saw a butterfly flying literally around us. I showed my brother and he just smiled and said “I understand”.

Their smiles told me they were happy for me.

It’s such a blessing to have people who can cry with you, smile with you and laugh with you. I talked to a friend and we both laughed so hard we had to stop to breathe. Haven’t laughed like this is ages.

I had regained some energy so today I was in over-drive. And over-drive is always better than under-drive, therefore I got a lot done today.

Little things that I just wasn’t even trying to work on, just because I was extremely lethargic all the time.

I’m successfully maintaining my gratitude journal so far, let me share some of the blessings I was grateful for these last 6 days.

  1. Family
  2. Friends
  3. Education
  4. Poetry
  5. Food and shelter
  6. Smartphone and internet
  7. My own room
  8. Freedom to stay in bed
  9. My blog
  10. Biryani
  11. Skincare
  12. Books
  13. Brother’s first day at work
  14. Being able to having proper breakfast after days of losing appetite and taste
  15. Abbu (dad)
  16. Long hair
  17. Finally perfect Caramel Macchiato Latte
  18. Yummy samosas
  19. Fluttering leaves
  20. Gentle cold-but-not-too-cold breeze
  21. Helpful pharmacist
  22. Pregnant baby sister (this is live sitcom!!)
  23. New slippers
  24. Shopping with dad and bro
  25. Piping hot brown crispy jalebi
  26. Pasta made by sis
  27. Black Coffee
  28. Was able to send an email I was working on for so long
  29. Regaining my energy levels to be able to cross few things in to-do list
  30. Trimmed and filed nails

I don’t know what else is there in life for me.

But right now, Life’s good.

I feel good.

And that’s what matters right now.

Have a wonderful day. 😊


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