New life new bangs…

You know you have reach your personal zenith of fearlessness when you give yourself a haircut, unsupervised, and unprofessionally.

Now this is my first haircut at dad’s place so I didn’t have my stuff with me. 

I could find a paper scissors, had to wash glue off it.

Couldn’t find a tail comb…not even a single comb. We only had brushes and very wide tooth combs, my fingers are closer than bristles, so that’s what I used.

Oh that half an hour where you start with this random sudden urge to be a hairdresser and end with feeling satisfying no matter what you look like. yea..WHAT you look like…, is the most thrilling half an hour.

Tomorrow marks beginning of my new life.

And the haircut is for picture in documentation, even though I’m pretty sure it will still turn out to be a mugshot. 

Now, truth be told, I’m the least photogenic person I know.

But id pics don’t make me feel as horrible because they make everything look bad.

You know you feel less bad for yourself when everyone else is looking equally horrible.

I’m going for shopping with sis. I can’t find my 20 lists to I had to make new one and suddenly I started breaking things that were perfectly fine before. Like my slipper I wear all the time. Like wtf???

It’s not even cheap. 

I’m kinda nervous too. Not for shopping, just life ahead. Trying to tell myself it’s going to be ok.

Focusing on maintaining gratitude journal, reading each and every affirmation I’m getting. This is cultivating some level of positivity which is very difficult for a person like me.

I miss C tho. She would be thrilled.

We want something to happen so badly, and when it does we don’t know what to feel.

I will try to thread one day at a time. That’s gotten me this far. Everything is going to be ok. As long as I don’t touch scissors for next few months.

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  1. During the early part of the pandemic, I cut the hair of every member of my family….multiple times!! I think the term ‘Corona Cut” should be a thing!!! But, funnily enough, NONE of them wanted to cut mine!!! It grew, a ton – it was really short at the beginning of the pandemic, and now it’s below my shoulders for the first time in YEARs! A new haircut is always a fresh start! and don’t be so hard on yourself about your physical looks – the only thing that matters is what’s on the inside, stoner…I PROMISE!!! Sounds like you have been through some rough stuff, lately, so, here I am, wishing for things to look up for you now as you go out in the world, flaunt your new hair and reinvent yourself a little – Besides not cutting my own hair, I HAVE been doing some of THAT (the reinvention, I mean) Something about being broken to pieces and then sticking yourself back together – The Japanese call this “Kintsugi”!

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    1. ahaha i don’t touch anybody else’s hair, what if i do it wrong. i remember way back when we were students i would trim my sister’s hair. that’s the most i have done. You must be really good at it since everyone trusted thier hair with you.

      Thanks for saying that, suddenly i was getting worried about my appearance (especially for id pics)

      so I am an art piece?1?! that sounds nice 🙂. thank you so much for kind words and support. Tehy are so important during these times.

      Thank you so much 🙂❤️

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      1. You’re very welcome! and I agree, kind words and support are super important, in fact, they can even be life saving for some and we just never know their impact ❤ Haha, stoner, I'm not sure I am at all good at cutting hair, but, I used to cut my kids hair, for YEARS, when they were too young to notice if it was a bit wonky, so, somehow, going back to this was easy for them (and they were torn between the risk of getting covid and being very annoyed with long, shaggy hair!) I do have some clippers and I DID also invest in some decent hairdressing scissors, so, that helped! My Hubby had me do it about twice and then HE was back at the hairdressers!!!

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      2. Kindness can save lives. i have seen people die of heartbbreak and sadness. i don’t know when we are going to understand and aknolege emotional impact of a situation or behaviour.

        oh so have years of experience on little maniquines lol. I need to invest in sheers i have thought about it a million times but couldnt buy one. this goes in shopping list!
        ahaha maybe men’s hair are tricky. my brother trims my dad’s hair but dad isn’t going anywhere so maybe he just deals with it lol

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