I lay here
Sprawled over
Under the cold ashen sky
On the dampness of the shore

My broken wings
Fanned out in a circle
My heartbeat
Fainting in my hollow core

Winds numbing and hurting
My tips and toes
Waiting to be swallowed alive
I can’t fight anymore

The giant is galloping now
Seething tyranny in its eyes
Our gaze meet for the last time
And it launches with a thrashing roar

The moment it touches my feet
A shock runs through me
Then it keeps crawling over me
As if, I was its favorite wh***

The shells bite and scratch me
But I don’t even bleed
My body is nothing but a corpse
My life nothing but a morgue

But my torn and tattered soul
Refuses to surrender vainly
It’s still waiting to be requited
For the train of traumas it bore

Now the giant is gently flowing over me
Or I just got used to it
Soon it will return to the horizon
Leaving ruins ashore…

.. (1)

Copyright © 2022 stoneronarollercoaster – All rights reserved

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