The mess life of a writer is…

This is where I start crying…

I thought I should resume work on my second book which was in selection and editing phase simultaneously…at least the last time I checked…

But now, when I opened it after half of an eternity, I don’t even know what I’m looking at.

Is this my manuscript?

like…what happened?

And I found 2 versions of it.

Both with same name and same overall content, BUT if there are some edits I won’t be able to spot them. Until I try to match them word by word..which just..UUGGHHHHHH

So I will have to randomly choose one and start working on it.

Wish I listened to my friends when they kept reminding me to work on it.

And by the looks of it I will have to write a few new poems to balance out categories.

Can you guess which subject I have least poetry on? Love…surprise ha.

Gosh my life..

I thought im 1% better today, I ordered brownies, did some skin care and I was all set to use my creative juices, but the juicer is broken.

I might listen to some spoken poetry or watch some poetic movie (if that’s a things) or will just try to find inspiration. Maybe will read something. idk.

I think I shouldn’t pause the book for very long, then shit like this happens. 

Will try to finish this whole thing in one go this time.

With snacks, tiniest quiche on the planet, suppliments, water, thermometer, disinfectant wipes, plates and spoons and all sorts of stationary scattered around me, I think I’m in perfect environment to write.

Wish me luck guys.

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43 thoughts on “The mess life of a writer is…

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  1. I think a read through of Ghalib, Amir and Parween Shakir with get the juicer going. All the best. The date of the last update on your edits may give you a clue which one was the one you were working on last.


  2. Uh… being mindful of the theatrical world’s wisdom, i.e., wishing someone “good luck” invites the exact opposite (hence, the well known, “break a leg” idiom), I don’t want to jinx you. I’m not exactly sure what the literary world’s equivalent phrase would be, but the first thing that came to my so-called mind is: “sprain a typing finger”. Hey comment posters, anyone up to the task of topping that?


  3. Brownies should be the only thing you need. unfortunately when I have one, then I go back to the kitchen for another and get further distracted. I guess I should just bring the pan to my computer desk.

    OK so, next time leave out the brownies.

    Love the glasses on the manuscript. It should be a note card to send to friends. Donna

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    1. I make amazing salted caramel brownies!! i wish i could make some for you. MAybe some day.. 🙂

      that’s a page from the published book. actually this whole pic is from when i was editing last book for print version. had to print out multiple demos to get the margins right since amazon wouldn’t deliver in Dubai.

      i love this pic too. it’s still clean. otherwise my bed is way worse chaos.

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      1. hahaha. WE all need “our space” I guess that is your bed. mine is the garden.

        Man those brownies sound good. Someday, when life moves along.

        Do you ever really and truly realize all you do and accomplish in your life? I am proud to know you….here. Donna

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Mines is always my bed. (not really proud of it)

        Those brownies are heavenly!

        Aw you just made my day. I literally got tears. Thanks a lot for saying that, lately i have been struggling with confidence and this helps a lot. 🙂

        Thank you so much!

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