Sick Ramble

Grab something to eat, it’s a long one or you can totally skip it if you want.

Everyone is sick here. LITERALLY EVERYONE!

Few days back, our basement got flooded.

My brother went there to get something and I heard my sister’s OHHH

I went to check what’s happened and when I was mid-stairs I heard my brother say “don’t panic”

Now this is the most useless instruction. I hear, there’s something horrible going on but you’re not supposed to react.

Few steps down I was standing in pool of ankle-deep water.

Did I tell you guys we are having really cold winters here?? Yea..

But I think I was missing beaches, so stayed. Brother and I looked for the source and damage and actually tried to drain water (he was doing everything I was just silent partner, enjoying indoor beach)

He actually joked, maybe this is how those villas in Maldives feel like. To which I replied, those villas are OVER the water, water isn’t INSIDE the villas.

So, this is how I caught cold… as per my understanding. 

Next day I woke up with horrible pain, swollen red eyes and fever. 

Or it’s covid. we all are already not meeting anyone.

So I took sick leave for 2 3 days. No studying, no cooking, nothing at all. Just me staying in my bed eating noodles and chocolate. Because I couldn’t gulp down anything else.

And I realized it will take sometime to get better so I better do something before guilt makes me worse.

I finished the excel course I was doing, it was the easiest thing to do which felt like the hardest thing to do.

After that I tried to motivate myself….by going to car porch and taking some pictures. 

This is what I wrote about it, which seems like extended instagram poetry.

I opened the door
Just ajar
A cold gust
Needled through my jacket
It punched my chest
And I coughed hard
A cough thunderous enough
To rattle my ribs
I stood in the doorway
My phone clutched in my hand
Dressed like an eskimo
Few more steps into car porch, and I saw broken jars
And a broken light
A wet blanket laying on the mint patch
Which was supposed to be drying on the wall
Faint whirls of dust
Painted on the steps
Like a sandy Starry Night
There has been wind
Chaos And damage
And deaths…

And took these pictures.



It’s hard to be motivated when everyone is sick. Weather is brutal, one moment you are sweating and next you are shaking with cold.

And you have zero energy. 

One day I randomly slept on the couch in the middle of having dinner, my brother thought I died.

And I swear I’m breaking our doorbell I day! How many people one can expect in a day!!!! it’s madness

well..moving on..

With inflation, crime has skyrocketing. And just not mugging, it’s random killing now. This is heart-breaking and scary.

So, with bad weather, bad news all the time on tv, sickness everywhere, final straw was news of a distant relative dying. 

This tore open the final scotch tape holding my patience and I spent last night crying non-stop.

When you hear so much bad going on around you, you don’t even know what’s making you cry anymore.

I still woke up with a heavy heart.

I have to resume editing my 2nd book. It’s going to be for C. But idk if I can now.

Or I might start reading catch 22. Why not utilize these idle days. Still don’t know if I can.

I don’t know what to do and what to feel.

Everything sucks when everyone is sick.

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