Life Update: I ate too much and I can’t breathe…

I ate my usual food. Ate little bit of food which I was cooking for dad (he isn’t well) and then I ate whatever whoever was eating. Big family is my excuse to be fat.

But when I was living alone I would say living alone is my excuse of overeating.

I  think I’m always looking for excuse to eat. 

Maybe it’s a winter thing.

Omg this time winter here is brutal…for us.

Lowest temperature was 9° C

For a lot of you it’s like spring but this sends us into hypothermia. Literally everybody is getting sick. 

Next month onwards my life’s going to be crazy busy and here I’m just a frozen chicken, buried in blanket most of the day. 

I get out to get food.


Needless to say I’m gaining weight because frozen chickens can’t workout. 

I am doing excel course covering 1 week’s lectures in a day. I love courcera 

Then will start jobs hunt, interview preps and all.

Suddenly I feel like I have to do a lot of things and I have very little time but isn’t it how I feel almost all the time.

I had to edit my book. It’s a constant open tab that gets ignored constantly.

I have come up with a plan. I am trying to make a favorite bloggers/writers list. There are few blog friends who are closely following and engaging. And then there are friends I don’t think ever even visited my blog.

They all are in the same list so when I go to reader I’m trying to catchup with all of them. Which is kinda unfair to me and the friends who are here for me, because I have limited energy and time.

Better use it on people who care.


We celebrated dad’s birthday today, which was few days back. We had to drag him out of bed to cut the cake. It was a good day. But I’m exhausted.

And a little disappointed with my plants who are going through identity crisis. Will talk about it some other day.

These days I’m struggling with something. I had to leave behind a lot of stuff (actually most of my stuff) when I moved.

Sometimes I miss those possessions. Especially the ones that were gifted to me by my loved ones.

I try to tell myself I can buy those back and those were just objects.

But I don’t know. 

I recently broke my favorite mug that I have been my third kidney for last few years and brought with me packed in so many papers and it just broke when I blindly bumped into the table … like I do 😦

These are things and shouldn’t hurt but sometimes they do.

I can act like losing things don’t bother me but I’m a human and want to stay that way.


That’s all for now.

Have a nice day.

take care 🙂

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14 thoughts on “Life Update: I ate too much and I can’t breathe…

Add yours

    1. I’m starting over.
      Some of the stuff that hurts is with my ex and his family, I would prefer losing my stuff over contacting them.

      then i couldn’t carry everything when i was moving country so i had limited stuff. there’s nothing i can’t live without but there’s stuff that had stemtimetal value. like something my parents gave to me.

      I’m trying to thing on the lines of “those were just things that i can buy back from a store if i really want to” and in the end you can’t keep living with each and everything you always lose something or other.
      my sis says consider all of it charity.


      1. True that! It sucks, though. I remember moving from a 4-bedroom house to a 1-bedroom apartment. I lost a lot of things but my animals and peace of mind were most important. I kept the animals.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. You did the right thing. I have moved total 7 times. Out of which 5 were in last 9 years, where i did everything on my own. I could be moving specialist by now. I must have alot of things now when i remember something randomly i do miss it.

        I try to focus on thinking all of this what important and those were just object. Hope i get peace of mind too.


      1. Love you too girly and your book is on my to read list this year i’m sorry I never got to read it sooner but I do have it on my kindle app on my phone ready to read


  1. What caught my eye on this post, was the reference to the many losses that you have experienced, even though it is earthly posessions. I’m from South Africa and we experience high summer with 40+. Stay warm and keep on writing

    Liked by 1 person

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