Attention New Visitors/Followers!

This has happened before and this is happening again, especially recently. Or maybe I’m noticing now.

So, most of the times, when somebody follows me I reciprocate and same goes for the likes, except if its purely business/marketing/magazine site and something I don’t understand, which is very rare.

Recently quite a few of you have followed or liked something and when I try to click on the link (link to your blog) below your name in my notification it take me to this page.

20220111_233214 (1)

And I can’t access the site.

Kindly revisit your account settings, previously I figured this happens when there is wrong entry in accounts setting.

Looking forward to see your work 🙂



16 thoughts on “Attention New Visitors/Followers!

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  1. I’ve had this happen a lot, Stoner! And it’s frustrating because I’m a stickler for reciprocating and engaging with new followers and when I can’t do that, it puts a real damper on everything! Thank you so much for posting and addressing this common problem.


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